Attachable Nipples

Turn on the ‘high beams’ with our realistic attachable nipples! These nipples are versatile and can be attached to you or your breast forms. Whether you’re looking for perky, natural nipples or real traffic stoppers, our selection of attachable nipples can be easily and seamlessly attached to your silicone breast forms, breast enhancers, or over your own natural nipples.

Style AMOLUX Nipples Divine Nipples Naughty Nipples Queen Nipples TRANSFORM Natural Look Nipples TRANSFORM Standard Nipples
Size Choices 3 7 4
Colour Choices 4 4 2
Gel Nipple
Skin Safe
Erect Look
Approximate Nipple Projection 0.64 cm ¼ in 0.64 cm to 1.27 cm ¼ in to ½ in 0.64 cm to 1.91 cm ¼ in to 3/4 in 1.27 cm ½ in 0.64 cm ¼ in 0.64 cm ¼ in
Approximate Areola Diameter 3.81 cm to 5.93 cm 1 ½ in to 2 1/3 in 3.49 cm to 7.94 cm 1 3/8 in to 3 1/8 in 5.08 cm 2 in 7.87 cm 3.1 in 5.08 cm 2 in 5.08 cm 2 in
Best use For a natural look (with non-erect nipples) For the most realistic look and experience Looking to be noticed; best under sweaters and thick clothing Looking to be noticed; best with very large breast forms For a natural look (with semi-erect nipples) For natural erect nipples
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