Divine Collection SELENE Vagina Tutu


Divine Collection SELENE Vagina Tutu


  • Curves around your tuck while smoothing your front
  • Comfortable and adjustable g-string for no panty lines
  • Made in Canada


Lift your tutu to reveal the appearance of female anatomy with our Selene Vagina Tutu.

Why we love it!

  • Built-in silicone vagina creates the ultimate in feminine appearance
  • Flirty and fun hot pink tutu is easy to wear
  • Comfortable and adjustable g-string back for no panty lines
  • Simply lift your tutu to show off your feminine surprise!
  • High quality silicone warms to your body and feels like skin
  • Moulded gently and curves around your tuck while helping to smooth your front
  • Hand crafted by the same artists who create Aphrodite breasts
Inches Centimeters
Recommended Hip Measurements 34 to 40 in 87 to 102 cm

Although our Selene Vagina Tutu is designed to sit on the hip bones for more anatomically correct placement, some clients may find it more comfortable to wear the garment higher or lower on their body. We recommend experimenting to find the most comfortable fit for your body.

Due to sanitary reasons, we are unable to accept any returns on worn intimates and undergarments, including gaffs.

For more information, please read our shipping & returns information.

Our Divine Collection Selene Vagina Tutu is only an undergarment; it is not an adult toy designed for being intimate with. Although the silicone prosthetic and tutu looks realistic, it was not designed to be penetrated, only to simply create the appearance of female anatomy.

Although some clients may find ways to enjoy their Selene tutu in more intimate ways, we leave that to the discretion of our clients. If you choose to use lubricants, only use water-based lubricants. Silicone lubricants may lead to damage to the vagina insert.


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