Secret Shapes Breast Enhancers with Perky Nipples

Secret Shapes Breast Enhancers with Perky Nipples


  • Discreet enough to be worn under male clothing
  • Can be used with Double-Sided Tapes
  • Very perky, erect nipples
  • Made in USA
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As Secret Breasts

Our clients have asked for small breasts that would not be noticeable when wearing regular male clothing. A discrete form they can wear for their own pleasure without attracting attention. Secret Shapes breast enhancers are the answer!

Ever thought how nice it would be to wear small breast forms under your guy clothes? These are the ones for you. Attachable and concave enough to fit over your natural pecs, they add the weight and feel of small breasts without the tell-tale bulge on your chest.


As Natural Breast Enhancers

If you have breasts that need help to be a little fuller and rounder, Secret Shapes breast enhancers are just what you need.

Secret Shapes can also be used to balance breasts if one breast is developed more than the other.

If you have almost enough breast tissue to form breasts and need a full breast enhancer to add definition, nipples and more volume, you can also use Secret Shapes as breast enhancers.

Returns & Exchanges

Please be sure you want to keep your breast forms before you use any adhesives or apply an attachable form.

Breast forms that have been used with adhesives cannot be returned or exchanged.

For more information, please read our shipping & returns information.


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